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The Best Winter Skincare Products For Your Clients

As the seasons change, your clients need advice on how to change up their skincare routine to battle the elements.  Winter tends to cause dry skin, so nourishing, hydrating skincare is a must.  Recommend the best winter skincare products to combat central heating and blustery winds.  

Gentle Cleanser

Winter skin can be dry and flaky, so a gentle gel cleanser is a great way to cleanse the skin. It won’t strip oils and skin will stay hydrated – skin should feel calm and moist post-cleanse.  They should feel thoroughly cleansed. If skin feels tight clients are using the wrong cleanser. Recommend SB Purifying Gel Cleanser.  

SPF in Winter

When it gets to winter, SPF or an SPF/moisturiser combination is still non-negotiable. SPF protects from the sun while adding an extra layer of hydration. This locks in moisture. Offer your clients salon professional products suitable for home use. Recommend our Daily Protect SPF or the Daily Repair and Protect cream. Winter sun with snow glare can be damaging, so encourage them to apply half an hour before sun exposure to guard them from UV rays. Not only does it protect from UV, it also acts as a barrier from city smog and grime.  

Hydration Max 

Moisturiser is no joke in winter.  Winter skin is often dryer, more sensitive and more irritated – so slather on a layer of max hydration. A good rich moisturiser helps to lock in hydration and act as a barrier from harsh winter elements. This cream delivers deep hydration and acts as a shield against the winter climate.   

Skin Treatments

To brighten a dull complexion the old dead skin needs to be sloughed away. This will reveal the fresh new skin underneath. Elevate your clients’ skincare routine with a professional treatment. Recommend exfoliating dull winter skin with Microdermabrasion. Winter is the best season for any type of exfoliation and they will benefit most from a course of MD. If they need to focus on regenerating collagen and elastin production, recommend Skinbase’s Collagen Lift facial. For unwanted hair they can try IPL – so they can be hair-free in time for summer.  All these treatments provide the ultimate base for our winter skincare products. Their skin will be the ideal base for max hydration and SPF. 

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