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November entries

The Last 2022 Vote – Top Entries!

Entries for the Transformation of the Year 2022 are now CLOSED! We have all of the before and after’s that are going to battle it out to win one of the FOUR Caribbean holidays up for grabs! Two of the top November entries will soon be joining the finalists. Don’t forget, there will be:

  • 1 holiday for the Transformation winner
  • 1 for their SkinBase therapist
  • 1 holiday for the prize draw winner
  • 1 for their SkinBase therapist

Let’s take a look at the top three entries for November so far. There’s still time to cast your vote – over in the private SkinBase Therapist Group and the public SkinBase page.

Top Entry –

Danyel Noon Aesthestics

top entry




We can see why our SkinBase therapists are loving this transformation, making it a top entry this month. The six sessions of Microdermabrasion have completely rejuvenated the skin, and knocked years off of the client. Her fine lines and wrinkles have been smoothed, and her skin is much brighter. If you think this entry deserves to be in the final – don’t forget to vote.

Client Testimonial: “My skin has never looked as smooth, it feels lovely after every session. Every one comments on how good my skin looks. I will definitely carry on having them done to maintain my amazing results.”

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Top Entry 2

Nu U Beauty Oswestry

top entries




Client testimonial: “So why the Collagen Lift treatment? I’d enquired about another treatment, and Maxine asked me about my concerns, what I was looking for, and listened to me. I opted to go for the Collagen treatment, and I optimistically signed up for 6 treatments. The first session, first photos – WOW … could this really fade my lines? Slightly more optimistic. Over the weeks, my eyes lifted, I could actually see my lower eyelids for the first time in years, no more droopy eyes. I have cheeks and a jawline, and a reducing saggy neck. Before my final treatment I had two weeks off work, with a couple more treatments, going back into work on video calls, my friends and colleagues said, WOW., What a difference. My resting b**ch face now comes with a smile, very confusing for everyone. Going through the menopause, I honestly can’t explain how the difference this treatment has made to me. Thank you, Maxine, for listening, recommending the Collagen Lift Treatment, and doing it.”

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Top Entry 3

The Blissful Beauty Company

top entries




A fabulous scarring transformation – just look how much smoother and more even the skin is! Here’s what the client had to say:

Client Testimonial: “My skin has never looked and felt so amazing! I’ve always had trouble with my skin since I was a teenager and Ruth worked her magic! My skin is so clear and my scars have gone. My skin looks and feels so fresh. Microdermabrasion has definitely improved my confidence, the treatment is amazing and so relaxing, I can now finally say I don’t have to wear makeup to cover my skin anymore! Ruth is just incredible!”


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