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Tips for Introducing a New Treatment for the New Year

If you’re set to have a slow start to the New Year consider introducing a new treatment to your salon. Adding new products and services to your salon is always a risk. If you educate yourself well, you can make clever choices to help grow your business. Unsure how to go about it? Here are our tips for introducing new treatments to your salon.

New Treatment Tips

Do your research

What do your clients actually want? Find out what they are interested in. Research how to put that treatment in place in your business. If clients are looking for a less painful method of hair removal, you could consider offering SkinBase IPL in your salon. If they want skin rejuvenation treatments, have a look at SkinBase Collagen Lift and Microdermabrasion.

Consider the training.

What skills or prior qualifications do you and your staff need? How long will it take to qualify? Training your staff to use the technology can be expensive. Think about the cost. Make sure you (and your therapists) are trained enough to inform your clients properly. The SkinBase PAYG scheme is the perfect model to avoid large upfront costs.


It doesn’t matter what your salon has to offer if no one knows about it! Think about your marketing strategy. How will you let clients know about the new treatment? What is the plan for attracting new clients? How will you promote the treatment? 

  • An Open Day is a great way to thank your loyal clients for their custom. It also creates the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your new treatment. Encourage them to bring a friend and reward them for luring new clients to your salon. You can’t beat word-of-mouth recommendations. 
  • Social media is instant and effective. Regular posts and updates about the new offering will create a buzz around it. Try a competition to win a chance to give the new treatments a whirl. 
  • Think about an introductory offer to encourage your clients to try the new treatment. Offer a second treatment for half-price or a course for a special reduced price.

It can feel daunting to expand and introduce new opportunities – but if doesn’t have to. Say hello to 2023 by introducing a new treatment in your salon. Follow our tips and set yourself up to see bigger returns.

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