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building relationships with menopausal clients

Top Tips For Building Relationships With Menopausal Clients 

World Menopause Day was on October 18th, but our menopause discussions do not end there. To remove the stigma and shame surrounding menopause, we need to continually talk, educate, guide and listen. Having the right knowledge will allow you to support clients, friends, family or even yourself when it comes to menopause. We asked our SkinBase Therapists for their top tips for building relationships with menopausal clients during the consultation and beyond, and here is what they thought. 

Top Tips For Building Relationships With Menopausal Clients

In case you missed it – check out the FREE SkinBase Guide all about menopause. You can download it here. Now, let’s find out what our therapists decided were the top tips for building relationships with menopausal clients.


Devoe Beauty Clinic

“When building relationships with menopausal clients, be patient and understanding with them. A lot of women in menopause feel unheard and forgotten about. Every single day I hear how they feel they can relate to me (age 50+) as I have a true understanding of what they are going through, so one of my advantages in building the relationship is definitely my age. I know this can’t be helped with younger therapists, so I think being knowledgeable about the effects the loss of oestrogen and collagen has on menopausal skin will be extremely important. Taking the time to listen, explain and not rush your clients out the door will ensure your clients feel comfortable and more likely to return.” 

Find Grainne’s website here.



Moorlands Beauty

“When building relationships with menopausal clients, do your research on what issues clients may have when going through the menopause. Understand how the menopause can affect their skin, including facial hair growth or body concerns. I have found that trust needs to be built with menopausal clients, so confidence and a thorough understanding about their issues and other symptoms all helps. Offering an all round education for the client on how to deal with their symptoms (not just their skin) and how to cope with their symptoms in turn gives the client confidence that you know how to help them.”

Find Theresa’s website here.


The Medworth Laser Clinic

“When building relationships with menopausal clients, one of the most important things for clients is to be heard, then we can move forward from there! It’s such an on-trend topic at the moment and people are getting braver at discussing their issues so we need to make the most of it with what we can offer them, whether it’s our fabulous and practical Skinbase treatments, or an ear, a kind word and a safe space.”


Find Kerry’s website here.

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