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Wedding Season: 4 Tips for Turning Brides Into Clients

As the weather slowly gets better, you can be sure that weddings will start filling up your weekends. You may even be planning one yourself! Wedding Season is a great opportunity to get clients in the door and retain them, as brides (and grooms!) try to achieve the perfect wedding glow. When prepping for a day with all eyes on them, brides will be trying extra hard to find a salon that meets their every need, and that should be you.



A good consultation is the best way to gain a new, long term client. Listen to what they want, understand their expectations, and do your best to advise treatments and timelines. Targeting brides will likely ensure you reach clients that are not one-off appointments, as a course of treatment will allow the most improvement in the lead up to their wedding. Ensure you explain to brides the benefits of adding a course of treatment to their skincare routine in this period. If you’re recommending a course of SkinBase treatments, you can also highlight the SkinBase Transformation of the Year 2022 Competition, to encourage multiple visits.


It is important to remember that while brides are perfect clients during wedding season, you can also target the groom, bridesmaids, mother of the bride (and groom!), and guests. Whoever they are, they will want to look their best during the special occasion. Therefore, you also need to understand various client needs to reach the consultation stage. It is beneficial to produce client personas. Though brides and grooms vary greatly, everyone tying the knot wants that wedding glow, so get them in the door and give it to them. Tailor your message away from the general population to match the requirements of Wedding Season.


As well as understanding who you wish to target, you must ensure you are advertising your message in the right places. Social media advertising is vital for salons in 2022. 

When advertising on social media, you can segment users in many ways. A good place to start with detailed marketing is the location! Ensure you’re targeting an appropriate radius around you to get the best results from an advertising campaign! How far depends on your specific location, so make an informed decision! Once you have the area, further divide by age and gender. To increase your chances of success with your advertising, you may wish to focus solely on the bride. The UK Wedding Report 2021 shows 65% of engaged couples are between 25 and 33 years old. You may wish to go a little wider than this to accommodate more brides and target those aged 22-39. To complete the detailed targeting, specifically when using Facebook, you can divide by relationship status. Therefore, you can advertise to all the people who have updated their status to ‘engaged’. Statistics show (for 56% of couples) this happens within the first two days of the engagement.


Wedding season is also an excellent time to target potential clients offline due to the variety of places they are sure to be! Wedding shows and fairs are increasingly popular and full of essentials for the big day. The attendees will also be ready and willing to spend money and book services for the wedding. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! What is more essential than pre-wedding treatments? Book a table at one of these events, showcase your skills, and let brides know what they’re missing. Local wedding planners and wedding dress shops in your area are also great places to target brides and advertise your services.

To recap, the best way to get clients during wedding season is to understand who the clients are, what they want, and where they will be.

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