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Why It’s Time to Up the Professionalism in Your Business

Now more than ever, we need to make sure our business stands head and shoulders above the competition. One way to do this is to make sure our communication with clients is always professional.

Drop the ‘xx’s

We see a lot of posts in various groups where the therapist shares a screenshot and the messages going back and forward are full of kisses to the client. We know how much you love your clients; we love ours too! But maintaining a level of professionalism in your communications will ensure that clients respect and treat you as a business owner. 

Can you imagine if you started getting messages from us with kisses in? (Let us know if you do!) You run a business, and so, therefore, it’s much easier to do things like enforce booking fees or bring in price increases if the way you communicate is business-like and professional (i.e., no kisses!). This will also prevent you from feeling obligated to clients and help you to put up clear boundaries. 

We’re All About the Visuals

When it comes to your salon itself, the presentation is key. The clients we interact with make decisions that are influenced by the image we send across – decisions that may even affect client retention.

First impressions are fundamental in the beauty industry, you and your business can make a good or a bad first impression in a matter of seconds. Personal appearance is a key factor. Within a salon, the beauty therapist must present an appearance that instils confidence in the client.

Appearance is Key

A well-groomed and professional presentation suggests that you take pride in yourself, your workplace and in what you do. On the contrary, if your appearance is less than professional it can indicate a lack of care. We know you are busy and bottom of the list for any pampering but  clients look to you.


Professional communication should also extend to your language; kind, caring and upbeat language to ensure your clients feel comfortable and confident in your communication. Positivity is key and this includes body language. Instead of arms folded, always demonstrate open body language to give off the most professional appearance. 

Nip it in the Bud

If you have a team of therapists and make sure you handle any issues that come up quickly. It’s absolutely imperative to deal with these head on to avoid them getting out of hand. Professionalism is all about being a good leader, and in order to run a professional salon, your team need to have confidence in you as a leader, but you must also have confidence in them. 

Examples of off-putting behaviour for clients can be anything from a member of staff looking scruffy, standing around chatting when something needs to be done, even gossiping about another client. Don’t let a small mistake from one member of the team let the whole salon down!

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