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Why You Should Bundle Treatments and Offer Add-Ons

Want to get the most from your time and also increase your revenue? One sure-fire way to do this is to get rid of those treatments that simply don’t make you much money and offer them only as add-ons or bundle them together in a treatment package. 

Let’s face it, some treatments are more hassle than they’re worth or more time consuming to prep than the actual treatment time itself, not to mention, they bring in very little money. If you don’t want to stop offering these service altogether, one idea is to bundle the treatments together. 

For example, short 5-to-10-minute treatments could be grouped together and sold as an ‘essential maintenance’ package. You could add on some other treatments at key times of the year such as Mother’s Day, graduation, prom to create a pamper or beauty package.

Why Bundle Your Least Income Generating Treatments?

Bundling those treatments that are a bit of a pain and don’t bring in much revenue to the salon, helps to increase efficiencies, which in turn, reduces your costs. When effective, a treatment bundling strategy can significantly increase profits on individual sales.

Remember to upsell your new bundled services to existing clients as well as add them to your treatment list and online presence. If you’re going to the effort to bundle and therefore create new packages, your existing and potential clients need to know they exist. 

Add-On Services

Alternatively, you could take these less lucrative treatments and offer them as add-ons to an existing treatment that a client is attending. It may even be worth considering offering a small discount to clients for choosing an add-on treatment. Making these treatments slightly cheaper as an add on will encourage clients to take them at that time rather than separately. But remember, work out your costings first. There’s no point offering a small discount if this removes half your profit for doing the treatment. 

If some treatments have become more hassle and time consuming than they are worth, then you should really just consider getting rid of them altogether, your business has to work for you and bring in revenue.  

Three Main Benefits of Considering Bundling and Add-Ons 

  1. Generate more sales and increase revenue 
  2. Save on marketing and advertising 
  3. Simplify the client experience with easy to choose options 

What are you waiting for? Upscale your business by reassessing your current offerings and see how you can group together treatments and not only start earning more but bring in more clientele. Good luck!

Don’t be afraid to cut ties

Most of all, remember to make your business work for you, not the other way around. Don’t be afraid to cut out not just individual treatments but complete areas if they don’t work for you. Hate doing nails and don’t rate the return on your time? Then stop offering these treatments, or stop offering them to new clients so you can slowly start to phase them out of your business. Concentrate on what you enjoy and what you are good at to build your expertise in these areas. The more you practice these skills the better you will become, and the more well known you will be in your area for these skills.

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