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Why You Should Host A Salon Event in January

Looking to attract new clients while engaging existing ones? Create some hype and host a salon event this January. This will help to avoid a new year slump and get new faces through the door. Thinking up fun events can be a great way to get customers (both old and new) into your salon after the festive season. A ‘New Year, New You’ approach is a good way to tackle January. You can remind your existing clients what you have to offer, and show any new ones what you’re all about.


Host a Salon Event In Jan

Fresh Starts

For many people, the New Year is a refresh. So this is the perfect time for self-improvements to become a new them.  This may mean they are more likely to be willing to step away from what they know – and try a new treatment. Many people like to give their minds and bodies a fresh makeover at the start of a new year. Offer no obligation consultations, and add complimentary add-ons to those who make bookings. 


Make January Work For You

January is also quieter after the expense of Christmas. So why not try something new? Invest some time on a usually quiet day of the week into marketing your treatments? Your team may also be twiddling their fingers – so why not offer free trials so they are busy during the working day? You are paying them either way. Just make sure your clients know they must book a space. 


Brighten Up January

Though January is usually associated with the post-Christmas doom and gloom, it doesn’t have to be! Turn it around and brighten your clients’ moods with an event full of taster sessions and freebies. Tap into wherever your audience is.. think online, by phone or even a poster in your window.  Make your offers and events clear across all channels. 


Don’t Discount – Add On! 

Offer free patch tests, consultation and free skincare products when your clients book a course on the day. Ask suppliers for some freebie products to hook your best clients.  Advertise the promotional day to clients who come in and of course across social media. Encourage them to book spots and keep your followers updated when spaces are running low.

Host a salon event to give your clients – old and new – a reason to visit you this January. It will help your profits and keep you sailing smoothly through the New Year slump.

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