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Winter Collagen Lift Transformations

With just a few weeks left to enter the Transformation of the Year 2022 competition, those November entries have been flying in. Lots of clients have been investing in winter Collagen Lift boosts in preparation of the cold, and the results have been fabulous. Let’s take a look at all of the face and body transformations in the running for November.

Moss Bank Clinic

Phillip at Moss Bank Clinic is transforming his clients with the SkinBase Collagen Lift treatment, and achieving fabulous results. He has two winter Collagen Lift entries for November, and his client is thrilled with her results. Here’s what she had to say:

Client testimonial – “I have been using the services of Moss Bank Clinic for well over 5 years now. I am unfailingly impressed with all of the services, and the professionalism with which Phil delivers them all – truly bespoke and personalised. I have been lucky enough to have experienced all of the treatments including the new SkinBase Collagen Lift. The effects are superb, I’m blown away with the results and I would not hesitate to recommend unreservedly.”

Take a look at her facial and body transformations below. If you want to offer Collagen Lift, become a SkinBase therapist.

Winter Collagen Lift Facial


winter collagen lift transformation


Collagen Lift Body Transformation


collagen lift body transformation


The Hive Winter Collagen Lift Transformations

Zoe at the Hive has entered lots of fabulous results throughout the Transformation of the Year competition, and November was no exception. Her clients are very happy with their winter Collagen Lift transformations. Let’s take a look!

Freshening Facial


the hive collagen lift results


Zoe’s first client was feeling fed up, and wanted to treat herself to some rejuvenation at the Hive. After looking in the mirror and feeling unhappy with her reflection, she invested in a course of SkinBase Collagen Lift. She did not want to see a tired, old face looking back at her anymore, and did not want to take a surgical route to achieving a youthful complexion. She is a very happy client.

“This was the ideal choice for me. My skin now looks smoother, brighter and fresher and the lines are starting to go around my eyes and mouth.”

Brightening Facial

THEHIVE collagen lift

Client Testimonial: “Having tried many creams / serum and not wanting to have surgery, my beautician told me about SkinBase Collagen Lift. I noticed my skin looked brighter from the first treatment, and in total I have had a course of 6. The fine lines around my eye/lips are definitely looking less noticeable, and now I will maintain monthly treatments. Thank goodness for Collagen Lift.”

Find out more about how Collagen Lift can benefit your business here.


Collagen Lift Winter Body Transformations

Lian at Modern Alchemy Beauty has been achieving fabulous results with her clients having SkinBase Collagen Lift treatments. She works her magic on the face and body, so let’s take a look at her November winter Collagen Lift entries.

Modern Alchemy Beauty – Stomach


10 x Collagen Lift treatments over 4 months

Client Testimonial: “I can’t tell you how amazed I am at my collagen lift results on my stomach, every treatment it gets better and better. I have struggled for years to have a flat and toned tummy. I have not dieted, just a little light exercise. My stomach and sides have changed for the better, and I no longer feel my stretch marks as they are smooth. Collagen Lift has given me the confidence I never thought I would get!”

Modern Alchemy Beauty – Bum/thighs


Another one of Lian’s clients wanted a confidence-boosting course of SkinBase Collagen Lift, and her results have been fantastic too. Though she was sceptical about the treatment initially, she decided to give it a go having seen lots of fabulous Collagen Lift transformations. She was preparing for her upcoming holiday (Summer bodies are made in winter!) and wanted to feel confident wearing shorts and bikinis. She had a course of six treatments across her bum and thighs, and is thrilled with her results.

“The transformation was unbelievable! After every session my bum/thighs got smoother, and when I finished the course the cellulite reduced massively. Hello peachy, perky butt! Best treatment ever!”


See more Collagen Lift before and after images from the competition.

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