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Worrying the Competition is Cheaper

Worrying the Competition is Cheaper? Don’t!

Service trumps price and that is exactly why your loyal clients will return to your salon time and time again. They use you for your wonderful services, purchase your quality products and let a team of professionals look after them!

Despite what many small business owners think, consumers aren’t actually too sensitive when it comes to price. This means that if you are providing a fantastic service to your clients, there is no reason why charging £5 more than a competitor is going to see clients leaving in droves. However, if it does, it is time to take a long look at the level of service you are providing to your clients. So, in a nutshell, what can we do to make sure our clients aren’t price sensitive? 

Offer An Excellent Service

First and foremost, regardless of the treatments you offer or the products you stock, service comes first. So, if you and your team are engaging, friendly and go above and beyond for every single one of your clients, it shouldn’t be too difficult to encourage them back through your door. 

Keep a Clean and Well-Maintained Salon 

Even if your prices are cheap, clients don’t tend to flock to a salon that’s dirty, rough looking or displaying apparent issues such as breakages and damage. If your salon needs some work done, it’s essential that this is carried out as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption to your clients. 

Make Your Salon Aspirational

Your salon should be an uplifting, inspiring and calming place to be that allows clients to be able to get the treatments that they want. Offer products that your clients will want and services that they maybe don’t yet know they want. Use your aspirations to drive your business forward and encourage clients to do the same by coming back again and again.  

Practice What You Preach 

Clients are looking at you when it comes to professional advice, so ensure that you’re promoting your in-house products by using them and telling your clients about them. After all, why should clients use a particular product or service if you’re not willing to? 

It’s also vital that when in the salon, you and your team are presentable and well groomed. If the face of a business doesn’t practice what they preach, then clients may choose to go elsewhere. It’s time to get started by reviewing your business and how it compares to competitors. And remember, don’t be afraid to charge a little extra!

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