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blue monday

Banish the Blue Monday Blues

The third Monday of January is known as Blue Monday because it is considered the most depressing day of the year. Lack of energy and optimism (and a dwindling bank account) all contribute to feelings of gloom. It’s an ideal time to spread some cheer. Why not turn this Blue Monday around with some fun marketing strategies?  Think about why people go to the salon. Apart from essential beauty maintenance, it makes them feel good! Give your loyal client-base a good excuse to cheer up or spoil themselves. Think about what you can offer as a Blue Monday pick-me-up. 

Say Thank You

Show some appreciation to your loyal customers by sending out thank you notes to put a smile on their faces. Make them feel extra special by personalising the note and add an exclusive offer. Send something to all your best clients by post or email as a little reminder that you care. Think about adding a free sample product for them to try at home (suggesting a little ‘me-time’ is bound to lift their spirits!).

Host a Blue Monday Event

Why not go one step further and host an event? One of the contributing factors to the Blue Monday label is leftover Christmas debt. So trying to sell clients products or services at the event is not a good idea. Instead think more long-term. Pamper clients with free taster treatments and sample products to cheer them up. This will encourage them to return as soon as those January payslips have arrived. 

Social Media 

Get your social media buzzing. Start talking about Blue Monday on your socials. Remember to promote your special offer. Consider turning the salon blue with some lighting and highlight the benefits of the treatment you are offering. Explain how it will help lift anyone wallowing in Monday misery. 

Blue Monday Add-ons

For clients already booked in on Blue Monday, include free add-ons instead of offering discounted treatments. Clients will enjoy a more luxurious pampering session – and you won’t lose anything. This will lift any unhappy clients out of the doldrums! Miserable consumers will appreciate being shown a little love this Blue Monday. Take advantage of this marketing opportunity by making them feel special. 

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