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Over 45

Don’t Overlook the Over 45s

If you’re only focused on the young demographic you are missing out on an excellent opportunity – the over 45s. With an average life expectancy of 80 this is the fastest growing segment of society!

The majority of salons still cater to a younger client base – so the over 45 group is ripe for the picking. They often have more free time and more disposable income.

Salons neglect them because they find it hard to target them. They are actually an extremely lucrative (and growing) segment of the market… waiting to be targeted in the right way.

So how can we target the over 45s effectively?

Avoid Stereotyping

If you think ‘over 45s’ and your mind immediately goes to grey hair and wrinkles you need to rethink. While the over 45s do not want to be targeted like a 20-year-old client, they still want to be treated respectfully. They can also walk away from their appointments glowing. 

Your 20-year-old client may want Microdermabrasion so makeup will glide onto their skin. Your 45-year-old client may want Microdermabrasion to brighten their complexion. 

Both will leave with a confidence boost.

Communicate Effectively

Do not communicate to this group in the same way as 20-somethings. They also don’t want to be treated like grey-haired grannies. Don’t mention “wrinkled foreheads” or “sunken eyes’! Think carefully about how you communicate to this over 45 audience. 

Create a Client Persona

Consider creating an over 45 client persona so you can understand what this age of client might want. To target well think about:

  • What she wears
  • Where she shops
  • When she visits the salon
  • How she spends her spare time. 

With a clear persona in mind build your messages and imagery around that. They should not be too young or old. Boost potential clients’ confidence by using imagery that is aspirational – but not unattainable.

Target Strategically 

Most over 45s will be worrying about signs of ageing. They may want a treatment that can improve loose or sagging skin. SkinBase Collagen Lift is ideal for this demographic.  

Use our monthly competitions to pull this market in. Potential new clients will see how the Collagen Lift facial lifts, tightens and tones. 

Sensitive Marketing

To promote treatments and market your service, use imagery of older women that over 45s will aspire to. These should be realistic images of women who look great for their age – but the look must still seem achievable. 

Targeting the Over 45s

Your purpose is to help clients become the self they want to be. The best version of themselves. Target the over 45s in the right way and you will have an entire new client base.

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