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believe in your business: introducing a new salon treatment

Top Tips For Introducing A New Salon Treatment

When introducing a new salon treatment, preparation is key. Everything needs to be thought through and planned in detail. This means your loyal customers will still have a great experience. Don’t let that put you off! We have some top tips to make the transition smooth. 


Introducing a New Salon Treatment

Introducing a new salon treatment can be slick – as long as you follow our tips … prepare and train your staff well. You don’t need to be stressed, and you won’t look back.


Before the Launch

First of all, start advertising before the launch.  It is important that your clients are aware of the new treatment and are excited to try it. When introducing a new treatment, begin advertising and telling your clients about it weeks before the big day. Use social media, emails and text messages. Whatever the best way is for you to communicate with your clients. Make sure you talk to clients when they come in too!


Advertising Ideas and Special Offers

Do a countdown on social media to build anticipation.  Have an introductory price for a limited amount of people on the first day or in the first week. Special offers and discounts are best used when clients book a course of treatments – not a once-off.  You could offer reduced-price taster sessions or mini-treatments to get clients hooked. Consider offering a second treatment at half-price to hook them back. 


Have a Big Launch 

Make it into an event.  Have a model to show off the treatment and let everyone ask questions. Offer patch tests and consultations so you can find out about clients’ skin concerns… that way you will tell them how you will treat it. Make clients feel special by offering a glass of bubbly or a cup of tea. 


Shout Out on Social Media

Don’t stop talking about the new treatment. After the big launch, do not assume that all of your clients are aware of the new treatment. Keep talking about it and promoting it. Post ‘before and after’ images of results and treatment videos. That way you will share the treatment with existing clients – and potential clients.


Be a Guinea Pig

Try the treatment on yourself. There is no doubt the best way to sell a treatment is by experiencing it yourself. So don’t forget to get some pampering in! It means you will understand the benefits of the treatment – then can pass the message along loud and clear.

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