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Valentine's Marketing

Valentine’s Marketing Ideas for Salons  

Hot on the heels of the festive season, Valentine’s Day can be a profitable time for smart salon owners. Perfectly placed to help boost revenue in the aftermath of Christmas, Valentine’s is a great time to increase footfall.  Spread the love with your marketing – and remember it doesn’t only have to be romantic love. As well as promoting couples for Valentine’s Day, encourage your clients to celebrate self-love. Otherwise encourage your clients to treat someone special – it could be a parent, a child or even a best friend. What are the best Valentine’s marketing opportunities?


Valentine’s Day offers a lucrative retail sales opportunity. Emphasising your retail in a creative way is a great way to boost sales in February. The post-Christmas gloom is over and clients are spending more than they did in January. Showcase your products in the window and right next to the till. Have special gift boxes and gift cards. Include a gift wrapping service to elevate the products.


Offer a promotion on treatments when clients bring someone with them. Create one for partners but also one for family members to show each other love. Think about offering a Galentine’s Day treat on 13th February to give a bunch of girls an opportunity for some special gal time. 

Singles Event

Have a “singles” event focused on self-love. Offer mini treatments and product samples to  spread the love. Bringing singles together for a happy Valentine’s group session means they can forget all about the smug couples.

Pair Up with a Local Business

Get in touch with local businesses that have a similar clientele. Contact a local florist or bakery and work together to spread the love for February. The bakery could make Valentine’s Day biscuits for your clients. A florist could make beautiful Valentine’s displays to get their name out there. This way you can share a percentage off the salon when purchasing at the other place – and vice versa. Use each other’s social pages to double the chances of getting customers in.  Valentine’s Day is for everyone. Unattached people can be targeted just as well as cuddly twosomes –  who doesn’t love a pampering?

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