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SkinBase Collagen Lift

Why Choose SkinBase Collagen Lift?

Now you’ve heard all about the SkinBase Microdermabrasion machine, let us tell you about another salon favourite. The SkinBase Collagen Lift machine. It is an affordable way to introduce radio-frequency treatments into your business.

What is Collagen Lift/Radio Frequency? 

The SkinBase Collagen Lift machine harnesses radio-frequency technology to tighten, contour, strengthen, and tone skin. As a non-invasive alternative to fillers and injectables, Collagen Lift is increasingly popular with those who desire a skin tightening treatment. During treatment, the SkinBase conductive gel is applied, and a ceramic wand is used to warm the skin. As the radio-frequency energy safely heats the dermis, the brain interprets the treatment as a potential injury, stimulating a healing response. Therefore, collagen production boosts, and elastin fibres tighten.

Why Choose SkinBase Collagen Lift?

We understand that choosing a radio frequency machine to launch in your business is a big choice, so below, we have everything you need to know to make an informed decision.


Price –

For many businesses, the price of salon equipment is the deciding factor when making a decision. When you partner with SkinBase, you do not have to worry about upfront costs. The Collagen Lift machine does not require a deposit and comes with a two-week free trial, so you can easily get started. Then, you have a choice between two flexible ways to pay. You can invest upfront to keep 100% of the profits or continue with zero commitment on a Pay As You Go plan.

Type of Device –

There are different classifications of radio frequency treatments on the market. It is important to consider the active poles used to treat the skin. The SkinBase Collagen Lift Machine has both mono-polar and bi-polar handsets. Mono-polar radio frequency is very beneficial when treating the skin, as the current goes through the epidermis, dermis, and sub-dermis while reaching the subcutaneous fat deposits below the skin. Therefore, a deep lifting action occurs to rejuvenate skin. The additional bi-polar radio frequency is also beneficial, as it works at a shallower level, making it perfect for more sensitive areas of skin. The face, neck, and décolleté can all benefit from the stimulation of beneficial heat from the bipolar handset that induces tissue regeneration.

Expected results –

Expected results are a crucial consideration when choosing a machine. When offering the treatment you will have to communicate a realistic outcome to clients, so you want to ensure they can achieve great results. Additionally, the timeframe you can transform clients in is significant. At SkinBase, we recommend a course of six treatments in as many weeks to achieve their skincare goals. Allowing you to offer clients a relaxing facial once a week while they see their skin become progressively better.

Our SkinBase therapists are consistently transforming their clients’ skin with the Collagen Lift treatment, as evidenced by the Transformation of the Year 2022 Competition. Clients are achieving smoother, firmer, lifted skin and having years knocked off their complexion. Don’t just take it from us – check out our client testimonials on the SkinBase social media accounts.

Profits – 

The Collagen Lift machine is an extremely profitable choice for your business. You can charge £95 for a single 30-minute treatment. With 10 minutes of prep time and 20 minutes using the machine, on the PAYG plan, you would pay SkinBase £20.16. Leaving you with a £74.84 profit in just half an hour. If you purchase the machine, the full £95 is yours. Carrying out just one 30-minute treatment per day, Monday to Friday will make you £18,000 extra profit per year. Performing longer or additional treatments every day would boost your profits even further. Just think of what you could achieve with an additional revenue stream like the SkinBase Collagen Lift Machine.

Discomfort – 

Radio Frequency treatments are non-surgical and not painful at all. The SkinBase Collagen Lift Treatment is described as similar to a hot stones massage. Clients feel soothed and relaxed as the wand is massaged over the skin. Therefore, you do not have to worry about client discomfort when choosing the SkinBase Collagen Lift machine.

SkinBase Support – 

Our fantastic customer service team are on hand seven days a week to offer their technical support, should you need it. You can resolve any issues that may arise by talking to a staff member. In the rare instance that you need a machine replacement, we will get it out to you in as little as two business days to minimise your wait. Our unprecedented support will ensure your business thrives and you achieve your goals.

That is not the only support you receive. When joining SkinBase with a Collagen Lift machine, we provide all the marketing support you need to launch and grow the treatment in your business. Comprehensive marketing is invaluable, ongoing, and free! As a bonus, you will also receive monthly marketing content and images via email to help you boost your business and make your profits.

Training and Accreditation – 

At SkinBase we pride ourselves on providing the very best industry-standard training to ensure you can achieve the best results for your clients. The SkinBase Collagen Lift machine comes with free in-depth training accredited with ABT. An experienced SkinBase trainer will help you gain the knowledge necessary to operate the Collagen Lift machine safely and effectively. Once the half-day training course is complete, you will feel confident performing the treatment, and you will receive your training certificate and “SkinBase Authorised Professional” badge.

Become a SkinBase therapist today with Collagen Lift 

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