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Collagen Lift System Typical Earnings (Pay As You Go)

An illustration of the potential earnings, when choosing the SkinBase™ Collagen Lift System, PAYG Option.

Pay-As-You-Go Typical Earnings

Collagen Lift can be extremely profitable for salons as they can charge around £95 for a 30 minute treatment. This is 20 minutes machine usage (which works out at £20.16 to SkinBase™) and around 10 minutes prep time.

Sessions/Week (30 Mins at £95)Net Profit/WeekNet Profit/Year
1 x 30 Min£74.84£3981.68
2 x 30 Min£149.68£7783.36
3 x 30 Min£224.52£11,675.04
4 x 30 Min£299.36£15,566.72
5 x 30 Min£374.20£19,458.40

From only 2.5 hours worth of treatment time per week, it is possible to generate revenue of around £20,000 and with no limit on the number of treatments you can perform, this figure could easily be much higher.

Longer sessions than the 30 minute example can yield a greater profit margin for your salon and the profit margin is completely down to you and how much you decide to charge. We’ve given £95 as a typical example.

Sessions of other lengths are priced as follows:

Length of timePrice
1 min patch test£1.20 (£1.44 inc. VAT)
10 mins£11.40 (£13.68 inc. VAT)
15 mins£15 (£18.00 inc. VAT)
20 mins£16.80 (£20.16 inc. VAT)
25 mins£18.60 (£22.32 inc. VAT)
30 mins£20.40 (£24.48 inc. VAT)
35 mins£22.20 (£26.64 inc. VAT)
40 mins£24.00 (£28.80 inc. VAT)
45 mins£25.80 (£30.96 inc. VAT)
50 mins£27.60 (£33.12 inc. VAT)

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