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Why Choose SkinBase IPL?

At SkinBase, along with Microdermabrasion and Collagen Lift, we also offer the SkinBase IPL machine. It is very popular with salons that want to offer hair reduction and skin rejuvenation treatments. Check out The SkinBase IPL brochure below.

What is IPL

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a light-based therapy. It works by targeting structures within the skin, such as melanin, blood, and water in collagen, with wavelengths of light. The light then breaks the structures down, resulting in an improved appearance of the skin. The light pulses also stimulate collagen production, which floods the area and plumps the skin. Therefore, resulting in a more youthful appearance with reduced wrinkles.

Why Choose SkinBase IPL 

We understand there are a variety of companies offering IPL machines, and you must consider which is the best fit for you. To help you make the decision, we have highlighted some key areas for you to consider.

Considerations – 


When you choose the SkinBase IPL machine for your business, a deposit of just £1000 is required, and there are three flexible ways to pay for your machine. Therefore, you can add additional revenue to your business in no time.

If you are ready to invest upfront for an IPL machine, you can choose to purchase the machine outright. We can set you up with a maintenance plan to spread the cost of your purchase. The maintenance plan includes a small fee per treatment to cover the cost of replacement handsets, so you do not have to pay a large sum to replace them. This is a great option if you want to be in control of your treatments and profits made.

If you prefer a minimum commitment approach to launch IPL in your business, you can select a SkinBase PAYG or PAYG Unlimited plan.

With the pay-as-you-go plan, you will simply pay a set fee for each treatment area. You get to decide your markup on the treatment cost and your profits. Your SkinBase costs will range depending on the treatment type. An upper lip costs £11.10 and has an RRP of £40, whereas you will pay £19.40 for an underarm and can charge clients up to £70. The treatment RRP can be even higher depending on the area, as some locations can command a higher price.

If you don’t want to pay per treatment, the SkinBase PAYG Unlimited plan is for you. This payment option allows you even greater earning potential than the traditional PAYG approach for a weekly fee of just £100. You will still receive the same support from SkinBase but are free to do as many treatments as you like. Treating a single client’s face with IPL Rejuvenation each day from Monday to Friday would already cost you £150 – without doing any other treatments. Performing multiple IPL treatments weekly with PAYG unlimited will save you money.

However you choose to pay, the SkinBase IPL machine will boost your revenue and get clients in the door.

Ease of Use 

IPL machines are highly versatile and used for hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments. When choosing the machine for you, you should consider why you want it and the ease of use. If you choose the SkinBase IPL machine for your business, you will initially perform hair removal treatments and have the opportunity to move on to skin rejuvenation treatments. The IPL machine has a full-colour touch screen that guides you through setting the correct treatment for your client, making it very easy to use. You do not have to refer to any charts or diagrams. Simply entering the client’s details will ensure the machine works out the most accurate and effective levels for you. Therefore, the SkinBase IPL machine is convenient and beneficial for your business.


Though IPL is less painful than other methods, such as waxing or laser, pain levels can still be high for some depending on body type. The SkinBase IPL system reduces pain with a cryo-cooling handset. As the cooling handset is used in tandem with the handset delivering IPL pulses, you can maintain your clients’ comfort. To further maximise potential results, you can adjust the temperature of the cooling handset to suit the treatment. Therefore, when treating a temperature-sensitive condition, such as vascular lesions, you can ensure the treatment remains effective.

Training and Certification

At SkinBase, we believe in maintaining the highest standards. Therefore, we provide two days of clinical training recognised by ABT. Day 1 of training covers hair reduction treatments and takes place at the SkinBase training facility. The second further training day focuses on SkinBase IPL Advanced, such as Photorejuvenation, Vascular Lesions, and Acne treatments. Additionally, you can attend refresher training and have new staff trained for free if you wish to. After the training days, you will have unlimited ongoing support from our experienced trainers, and a training manual at your disposal. Offering IPL in your business with SkinBase means you’ll recieve the highest level of training and constant support.

To safely perform IPL treatments, we require every operator to have a designated IPL room – which adheres to minimum standards in their business. We will help you with this and provide you with all safety signage, risk assessments, local rules, and LPA certification where required. Additionally, each clinic must have a designated IPL supervisor. We will provide all the extra training needed to make this happen.

You may also wish to ensure the IPL machine you choose is CE registered, as The SkinBase IPL System is. The CE certification evidences the performance, quality, safety, and efficacy of The SkinBase IPL system as the most advanced technological system in the aesthetic field.

Spot size

When choosing an IPL machine for your salon, there are lots out there in the market. One consideration that will help you differentiate between them and find the machine for you is spot size. The SkinBase IPL machine has an industry-leading spot size of 35mm x 45mm. This size is beneficial as multiple studies have proven a larger spot size achieves better results. This data is because the skin can be penetrated more deeply, allowing more pigmentation and melanin to be targeted. It is also proven that a bigger spot size showed longer-lasting results for hair reduction after the last treatment. When performing treatments on the body, a large spot size is advantageous due to the significant difference in treatment times. Allowing you to treat patients quicker, and carry out more treatments in a day. For moments when a smaller spot size would be preferable, e.g. during a patch test, the SkinBase IPL machine has a reducer head to minimise spot size.


As a SkinBase customer, our technical team are on hand throughout the week and on weekends to help you however you need. Our knowledgeable team will be able to resolve most issues with you quickly over the telephone. Rarely, a replacement may be necessary due to a machine fault. If this is the case, we can provide a replacement within two working days. You can get back to your clients without disruption. If you are using our PAYG or PAYG Unlimited system you are covered under our “Total Service Pack” agreement. Therefore, you will not have to pay extra for servicing, replacement parts, or consumables.

Not only that, but we also provide comprehensive marketing support to ensure your launch of the IPL machine is a success. You will receive a promotional pack full of marketing materials to get the word out about your treatment to new and existing clients. Our free marketing is supplied regularly throughout the year to ensure you attract and grow your IPL client base. Additionally, we send monthly marketing content, tips, and images so you can make the most of seasonal events and promote your services.

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