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Intense Pulsed Light Before and After Results

A picture speaks a thousand words, see the results from the SkinBase IPL treatments.

The SkinBase IPL system is a Medical CE certified system offering treatment solutions for a variety of skin concerns including acne, pigmentation, vascular lesions -as well as permanent hair reduction. 

Help clients combat their skin issues without the need for more costly or time consuming techniques such as surgery. 

It’s non-invasive, quick and painless. Take a look below at our SkinBase partner IPL before & after results. 

IPL Before and Afters from SkinBase™ Practitioners

Client Testimonials

IPL Acne

“ Before I started my treatment I had a large issue with confidence about my skin, simply because it’s the first thing you see when meeting a person. It hurt me knowing all the different skin cleaning products I tried were not working well, and that all people would see when they first meet me was my poor skin then in turn the anxiety of displaying good hygiene while having acne.

After a while I thought to myself “ There has got to be something I can do about this “ and started to looking up places I could get skin treatments and that is when I came a across Sian Cleak. I went to see what could be done, we sat down and went through my treatment options. I was sceptical if the treatment would work but I didn’t have much too lose, I started and after just one treatment there were results!

This gave me a little hope that I would not be trapped in a life with poor skin.

Not a day after I started this treatment do I regret it; I wouldn’t change a thing. My skin is probably the best it’s ever been. This treatment has transformed what I thought to be an inexplicable mess into an exquisite piece I am proud to call my skin “

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

“I am so pleased that I swapped  from bikini line waxing to IPL hair reduction –  it’s completely pain free and I am so impressed with the results. As always, Rachel put me at ease and was very knowledgeable on the treatment. The before and after photos speak for themselves, I would highly recommend IPL hair reduction at Belle Amie Beauty Boutique. The before photo is after 1.5 years of Hollywood waxes – amazing results from the IPL!”

IPL Vascular

“I have red veins on my cheeks since I was a little girl, I have tried various different types of makeup to try and camouflage them. Nothing seemed to work. 

I have tried electrolysis, laser and I have had sclerotherapy, they helped slightly but I gave up over the years.

Then over the lockdown, I found Lise. I have had a course of IPL treatments and go back for top up treatments when needed.

I have never been so happy with my skin/face in all of my life. I have even been out without make up which is a first for me. My treatment has truly changed my life for the better.