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Why Salon Background Music Matters

The background music you choose for your salon affects the customer experience. It can affect the purchases they make – and their decision to return. Yes salon background music is important. It sets the vibe of the experience for the client. If it is loud, fast and stressful – that is how clients will feel. You need to select music that creates a relaxing environment. If it is chilled and soothing, clients are more likely to request add-on treatments. They are also more likely to stick around to browse retail products. If the music is erratic and upbeat, they will feel rushed (and probably leave).

Brand Personality

Your music choices also represent your brand personality. This requires careful consideration. It will play a big part in what your client remembers after their appointment. It also influences their decision to come back. Think about that you want your brand to represent. An integral part of the client’s experience, you can choose music that helps to engage your customers. It should have a subconscious impact that helps to show off your brand to your customers. 

Target Your Clientele

Determine the type of clientele you are targeting and select the most appropriate music. Make a playlist that shows your interests and the message you want to convey. If you have older clients you will want a more mellow selection. You will want music that promotes relaxation. If your customers are mainly young and hip, make sure the playlist reflects that. Using the right music to provide an enjoyable customer experience will build trust. This will mean clients recommend you (and return themselves). You can also ask your clients what they like to listen to when they visit. 

Boost Morale

As well as affecting your clients, your background music affects your salon team too. Are you playing morale-boosting background music? Or are you frustrating them with the same songs on repeat? To get a mixture of your team’s personality ask for their involvement when crafting a playlist. The right music can increase employee productivity and encourage positive team interaction! 

Do Your Research

Consider finding out what music other salons use. It might be a good idea to play different styles of music to your direct competitors. Salon background music must give an atmosphere that reflects your salon’s ethos. 

Top Tips

Think about the time of day, and the day of the week. Monday’s playlist may need to be different to Fridays! Think about the average age of your clients. Will they prefer current hits or timeless classics?  Use music to provide an enjoyable customer (and staff) experience. Get it right and it will contribute to great service and an increase in customer spend. 

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