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Want to find out what the main players in the beauty industry think of SkinBase™? Here you’ll find out exactly what the press have been saying about The SkinBase Facial™ treatment.

SkinBase in Vogue magazine

Vogue loves The SkinBase Facial.

As word continues to spread through the beauty world that the SkinBase Facial is the only treatment worth having – we’ve been reviewed and featured in the fashion and beauty bible that is Vogue magazine.

If there was ever a magazine which proves just how simply fabulous the SkinBase microdermabrasion treatment is, it’s this!

Vogue published an article entitled ‘Vogue loves…The SkinBase Facial’ in a feature on everything you should treat your mum to on Mother’s Day

So get yourself, your mum and your friends booked in. It’s been approved by the very best in beauty.

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breast cancer now

Guild News Magazine


Guild News publish the story about our month-long campaign to raise money for Breast Cancer in memory of Rachael Bland. £10,664 was the phenomenal amout raised, which includes donations on our JustGiving page and £1 from every SkinBase PAYG treatment performed during October. All the money raised was donated to Breast Cancer Now to continue their vital research. 

Closer Magazine

Closer magazine talk to SkinBase therapist Ruth Fielding who changed career after redundancy. Ruth was inspired to start a new career in the beauty industry after having microdermabrasion to treat her own acne. Hence Ruth wanted to help others the way she was helped and so embarked on a year’s training to qualify in beauty treatments and completed her SkinBase training to perform the microdermabrasion treatments that had inspired her new career path. 

SkinBase Scoop Four Top Awards

This year, SkinBase beat off stiff opposition from the likes of Caci, HD Brows and IIAA to win; Best Customer Support, Best Training Provider, Best Use of Social Media, and for the 2nd year in a row, Best Advanced Treatment for Microdermabrasion.

Owner, Richard Faulkner said: “From launching the business on a kitchen table to now running a successful and well-established operation from our Stoke HQ, I’m truly humbled to see how far SkinBase has come in the last 14 years. 

“As the demand for non-surgical procedures continues to rise across the country, we’ve worked incredibly hard to remain established within the market and grow our offering to meet the changing demand of consumers. 

Another Award Win for SkinBase

“Family-run firm SkinBase praised for boosting Staffordshire’s growing reputation as a digital hub through its cutting-edge solutions”

SkinBase are celebrating again after taking home the Digital Award at this year’s Staffordshire Chamber Awards. Established in 2005 by sibling duo Richard Faulkner and Leesa Keys, there are currently over 2,200 salons subscribed to the SkinBase PAYG platform. Read the full article here.

Think of when all those beauty adverts talk about a 'lit from within' glow, this really does do that.

SkinBase is the most well-known microdermabrasion provider in the UK. It has trained therapists in so many salons.

 I went to Heavenly Health & Beauty in nearby Ross-on-Wye for mine. The owner Kate Morris was extremely welcoming and immediately put me at ease. Kate explained what I could expect from the treatment. She examined my skin so we could talk about what I feel are areas I would like addressed. I

 have had very bad acne in the past, for which I received Roaccutane, and I’ve been left with a little bit of acne scarring. I thought I had scarring on my chin, but actually Kate thinks that the two lines are expression lines instead. Those two lines bug me quite often, but now I know they are not scarring I can relax a bit about them. Read Melissa’s full review over on her blog here.

What Emma Did reviews SkinBase

Some of what Emma had to say, but pop over to the blog for the full SkinBase experience review. I have to admit I find the sensation quite relaxing, and even the slight tingle it creates feels nice to me. Theresa (Moorlands Beauty Salon) worked the suction wand around my face numerous times, delivering a fine jet of abrasive crystals passing over my skin. This is remove the dead skin particles, resulting in a resurfacing effect for the skin and to stimulate the blood flow, encouraging the skin to rejuvenate itself and produce collagen and elastin.

After the session, a relaxing and soothing face mask was applied, and when I left, I had the recommended skin protection products applied so that I was ready to head outside being fully protected.

I have to say, my skin has never felt so smooth and silky. It was glowing and didn’t show too much signs of redness. Of course, there was a little touch of pink to my face, and especially where I have deeper red marks and spots.

Read the full review at WhatEmmaDid.

SkinBase founding partner Leesa Keys in Top 10 Women to watch

One of our founding partners, Leesa Keys, has been named in the top 10 of women to watch in the #SheStartedIt100 campaign.

Leesa’s background before starting SkinBase was as a very successful beauty salon owner.  Leesa entered the beauty industry after completing a degree in Biological Sciences at Warwick University. Looking to find a solution to unreliable salon equipment, Leesa’s passion for beauty and skincare led her to change direction yet again. Starting SkinBase with her brother Richard, SkinBase was and still is dedicated to providing reliable and fully-supported equipment. We have a team of technicians on site and our technical support is available 7 days a week.

Read the full article from About Time magazine here

Sheerluxe say SkinBase is 'a godsend' - perfect skin without the Botox

When one of our favourite, luxury magazines, Sheerluxe asked if their Features Editor Esme could test a course of the SkinBase treatments after hearing rave reviews, we couldn’t wait to hear what they would have to say.

This is the online magazine to rival the likes of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair and many more. Needless to say, we really wanted to impress!

Nervously, we waited until Esme had had all 6 of her SkinBase treatments, at just 27 years old, we wondered just how much of a transformation the SkinBase facial would have. When the feature was finally published, we simply couldn’t believe how much she loved the treatments. Plump, wrinkle-free, clear and flawless skin remained and Esme and the Sheerluxe team are officially our biggest fans.

Here’s an extract of what Esme had to say:

“After my third treatment I started to get compliments, by the fourth my boyfriend commented on how insanely soft my face was, by the fifth my skin was noticeably glowing and by the sixth I was convinced that the fine lines which were causing me so much grief had been significantly reduced. What’s more, the results have lasted and all I’ll need to maintain the results is one monthly treatment.

If, like me, your skin is looking a bit lifeless and lined but you don’t want to go knocking on Harley Street’s doors just yet then SkinBase is ideal. If you have much deeper wrinkles, sun spots or scarring of any type then it’s even more of a godsend”

Tried, tested and loved.

Find your nearest SkinBase therapist today and get the beautiful skin Esme got.

Love, SkinBase x

La Pelle Beauty magazine 'amore' SkinBase

We’re so delighted that the Italians (who know just a thing or two about beauty!) have fallen in love with The SkinBase Facial. This month we got a double paged spread in popular beauty magazine ‘La Pelle’, amazing! The article interviewed SkinBase owner and founders, Rich and Leesa Faulkner to find out exactly why they began the company. Though we’re sure many of you are fluent in Italian (like we are of course, uh hem…) we’ve translated the piece for you just in case.

The SkinBase microdermabrasion system interview:

We put some questions to Richard Faulkner, who founded SkinBase in 2005 with his sister Leesa.

What differences have you found between the beauty market in Italy and the UK?

Italy is a wonderful country and we decided to export our product here before we took it to France because we love the kindness and hospitality of the Italian people. We have found that in Italy there is less regulatory framework when it comes to beauty therapy compared to the UK, but at the same time we have noticed that your beaurocracy can make it almost impossible for therapists to open a salon. Despite this, however, Italians really seem to embrace beauty and rejuvenation and there are 15% more salons in Italy than the UK.

Why did you decide on microdermabrasion?

Because it is a rejuvenating treatment with instant results and few contraindications. Surely that’s a winning formula for any beauty salon…

How does it work?

Through a process of exfoliation and regeneration of the skin using very fine crystals of aluminium oxide to gentle abrade the skin removing dead skin cells layer by layer. Using a vaccum action the treatment also promotes blood circulation to the treated area, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin firmer and giving a more youthful appearance.

Anything else to add about SkinBase?

Just one thing: if a customer decides to buy their own machine we offer an industry best four year manufacturer’s warranty. We design and manufacture the machine in England and we therefore have stocks of any spare parts ready for immediate despatch. Who can say better than that?!

If you’d like to get hold of the SkinBase PAYG machine get in touch now.

So... magazine love The SkinBase Facial

Everyone’s talking about SkinBase – even more so in the areas of Brighton, Surrey, Essex and Tunbridge Wells after we received rave reviews in all four of the local premium lifestyle magazines ‘So…’

As if you needed anymore convincing, our SkinBase treatment was tried and tested by the Beauty Editor of all four mags before the write up – we confess we got a little nervous when we found the review was out! But as usual, the treatment did the talking and even the beauty editor herself said that her skin was noticeably clearer and brighter after just one session – amazing!

The review:

If you’re looking for a really quick, painless alternative to chemical peels to reduce the risks of pigmentation, signs of ageing, acne scarring and even stretch marks, this is for you. The SkinBase Facial is an safe, controlled treatment that intensively exfoliates and resurfaces the skin. A fine jet of abrasive crystals gently removes dead skin cells layer by layer and a vacuum action hoovers away the debris, stimulating the blood flow and encouraging collagen and elastin formation. Result? Firmer, revitalised and youthful looking skin.

Sounds good? Feels good too! A bit tingly but skin appearance after just once session was clearly improved, imagine what a full course could do for you! Costs around £30 a session or £150 for a course of 6.

So, looking for microdermabrasion in Essex, Surrey, Tunbrisdge Wells, Brighton or anywhere else in the UK for that matter?

Find your nearest SkinBase therapist here.

London Magazine says SkinBase is "Really quite incredible..."

Editor of Luxury Guide ‘The London Magazine’ Olivia reviews the SkinBase Facial, resulting in an amazing outcome…

The London Magazine’s what, where, and why guide

What: SkinBase Microdermabrasion, The latest ‘lunch break’ facial to sweep London

Who: The SkinBase campaign is fronted by 90s ladette to lady, Zoe Ball but developed (thankfully) by scientists.

Why: Promising to pummel unruly skin into submission, as well as effectively treat acne scars, open pored and fine lines, this facial sounds like something special. After a consultation with a therapist, a fine jet of abrasive crystals is applied with a wand, gently removing dead skin cells layer by layer, while a vacuum action lifts away the debris. It’s certainly not uncomfortable although ladies-what-spa might find it on the rough and ready side. A relaxation treatment this is not (although it’s always nice to lie down for 40 minutes). The crystals are worked over the entire face (eye area excepting), stimulating blood flow to the skin and encouraging collagen and elastin formation.

Unlike traditional facials that layer product over product, this one actually strips away the worn layers of skin so that your fresher skin is revealed and creams and potions can penetrate further. After a 30-minute treatment my skin was a little pink, but incredibly soft. Any swelling was hardly visible and I was ready to get back to the office. The next day, my face was taught and smooth, and any fine lines had either retreated to some deeper level where they couldn’t be zapped, or they had actually been erased. Quite incredible. This was the first treatment, and SkinBase recommend a course of up to eight. I signed up the next week.

How much: It varies from salon to salon, but around £40 for an individual treatment and £99 for a course of three.

Would you go back? I’ve already paid in full.

Book in now. Find a SkinBase therapist here.

Sheerluxe gives rave review of The SkinBase Facial

Sheerluxe, the ultimate in online luxury magazines has published a wonderfully complimentary review of The SkinBase Facial.

Telling readers it’s the ‘way to get model skin’ and touching on the quick results for the likes of fine lines, acne & acne scarring and sun damage the magazine have now also asked to write a blog about the treatment, sending one of their beauty writers for a course of facials.

To say we’re delighted is an understatement – make sure you get booked in now as SkinBase continues to prove it’s the best facial available!

Look our for the blog in a few weeks time.

Thanks Sheerluxe! x

Body Fit Magazine

Body Fit magazine chose to feature the SkinBase Facial™ as their ‘Treatment of the month’ in the December edition of the magazine. Packed full of health, fitness and beauty news – the magazine features only the best for those looking to get body confidence.

We all know that exercise is hugely important for a healthy body, but don’t forget to treat your skin too – keeping you radiant and feeling great. Click here to find your nearest SkinBase Facial™.

Inside, Outside and Beyond

Inside, Outside and Beyond blogger and self-confessed beauty addict puts SkinBase microdermabrasion to the test. The award-winning facial, winner of 2018’s Best Advanced treatment is put under scrutiny by Suzanne at SkinBase salon Pure Bliss in Wokingham.

Here is what Suzanne had to say after the treatment:

“My skin felt really smooth and I could see a slight reduction in lines, particularly that one area in between my eyebrows. The biggest difference though, was that my skin felt ‘alive’ with a glow that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Charlotte told me that many of her clients use microdermabrasion for a quick ‘boost’ when they feel that their skin needs it – perhaps 3 days before a wedding, a holiday or another big event. I could definitely see the difference and would use both the treatment and salon again. I was kindly gifted this initial treatment by SkinBase but it would normally cost around £40.00.”

Read the full blog over at Inside, Outside and Beyond