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Are You Ready for Wedding Season?

The months of May to October are the most popular months to get married. Brides are excellent potential clients. Just as the bride needs to prep herself for the big day, you need to make sure your business is ready for wedding season.

Business Atmosphere

Wedding preparation is important and exciting for brides (and their tribes!). Whether you are just working on the bride herself – or the whole wedding party – make sure your salon atmosphere is fit for the occasion. A satisfied bride is likely to recommend your services when asked by other brides in the future. Salons must feel inviting! Offer champagne and nibbles, create an ‘instagrammable’ space and make each appointment special. Brides want the mood and vibe to make their big day even more memorable.

Create Bridal Treatment Packages

Don’t only focus on treatments as the big day is imminent. Create bespoke bridal packages that suit everyone. From the early-bird planner to the last-minute bride, your menu should cater for everyone. Packages can range from a pre-wedding ‘boost’ with one treatment of Microdermabrasion. Or they can book a whole course to treat any skin concerns.

Build up your Bridal Portfolio

The best way to attract clientele is by showing – not telling. Attend promotional events where brides are sure to be. This is the perfect opportunity to sell your services and get your business known. Find any local wedding fairs and get yourself down there. You can set up an engaging stall, offer informational brochures with more information on. Consider offering free patch tests at the event. Hand out flyers with exclusive offers for people who book an appointment there and then.

Bridal Marketing

Don’t forget to put the work in your marketing too. Shout about it on social media and let brides know what is available. Run a location-based Facebook ad and target those recently engaged. Make sure the promos last for several months in the leadup to wedding season because it takes a lot of views to generate awareness. Consider offering a 50% discount to existing clients if they Refer-a-Friend. Everyone has an engaged friend!

Every bride wants perfect skin on her wedding day, so make sure you’re ready for wedding season in your salon by engaging with potential clients as early as possible. This way you will gain their trust – and they will keep coming back for more. 

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