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August transformation

August Transformations 

With the competition in full swing, let’s take a look at some more August transformations! This week, we had our first IPL Hair and IPL Vascular entries for August, as well as lots of fabulous Microdermabrasion and Collagen Lift before and afters. Check them out below.


August Transformations


August Transformations

The Beauty Room Kettering

7 x IPL Hair Reduction Treatments

The newest entry to the August transformations, SkinBase Therapist Sophie treated her client with 7 IPL Hair Reduction sessions to achieve these fabulous results.

Client Testimonial: “Wow! I really can’t believe the effects of IPL laser treatment. I’ve been a client of Sophie at the Beauty Room Kettering since 2008 when I first visited prior to my wedding. I like to believe I’m her longest serving customer. Having known Sophie for the duration of my married life  I know how meticulous she is regarding her treatments and products and that she would not promote anything that she hasn’t tried and tested herself and truly believed in. I know that Sophie had been researching IPL laser hair removal for some time prior to settling on the Skinbase machine.”

She continued…

“From the outset, as a loyal and honest customer I was keen to support Sophie’s new venture, having heard about her confidence in IPL I knew it was worth a go! Sophie had tested IPL on herself and catalogued the results with a great outcome. I was keep to try it myself. I have to admit that post covid difficulties my commitment was more for my loyalty to Sophie rather than my desire not to be a woolly mammoth and I enthusiastically said “sign me up”. For many weeks post treatments I continued with my shaving routine, until I realised that I was shaving my BALD SKIN!!! I genuinely can’t believe the results,  no shaving required! I just wish that I was braver and didn’t start with my underarms and went straight for my legs! That’s next on the list.”



august transformations


Becky’s Beauty and Holistic’s

6 x Microdermabrasion Treatments

A fantastic skin refresh! Becky’s client had 6 microdermabrasion results and has achieved such a rejuvenated, healthy glow.

Client Testimonial:The treatment was a really relaxing experience, no pain at all and you leave feeling those instant results. My skin texture has improved so much over the course and my make up is sitting so much nicer now too. I didn’t notice the visual difference as much until I saw the before and after side by side, but it’s really brightened and evened out my complexion and smoothed it a little too. Really pleased with the results!”




Natalie Greenhalgh at the Beauty Lounge

IPL Vascular x 3

Another fabulous entry to add to the August transformations! Natalie treated her client’s rosacea with just 3 IPL advanced treatments to achieve such fabulous results. If you’re a SkinBase Therapist currently performing IPL Hair, get in touch to find out more about IPL Advanced.

Client Testimonial: “I have been suffering from mild Rosacea for a number of years where it generally was worse during the summer months. However over the last year after serious surgery for ankle reconstruction the Rosacea became worse than ever. It made me severely unhappy, bordering on depression. Not only did my lifestyle change overnight, I couldn’t bear to look in the mirror. The Rosacea became so bad I was ashamed to be seen and embarrassed which massively affected my self confidence and self esteem. I had tried a lot of different products, all marketed to fixing Rosacea but quite frankly it did little to improve it and if anything became a lot worse and flared the redness up every-time I used different creams.”

He continued…

“Before I was a confident and happy individual but the state of my face made me into a shell of the person I was and retracted away from society in hiding. I then came across Natalie and she has been fantastic from the start. She was amazing with keeping me informed throughout the whole process And for a guy I was very nervous to even step into a beauty salon. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about the process but had a very calming nature that put me at ease and I had the courage to go through with the process. I had little Confidence from the start because I had tried everything before. The results have brought new found confidence and happiness to me and I can once again look in the mirror and not be ashamed and embarrassed of the reflection.”




Estetica Beauty

Collagen Lift x 12

Emel’s client had a course of 12 Collagen Lift treatments, and has smoother, firmed and generally improved her skin!

Client testimonial: “I was feeling down and my confidence had taken a real knock before I visited Emel at “Estetica Beauty” and I was really sceptical following my consultation when she recommended a SkinBase collagen lift. How wrong I was, the results are amazing. After my course of treatments and having followed my daily moisturising regime the difference is obvious. My skin feels much smoother and richer and lines reduced. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. I have my confidence back and I feel ready to take on the world with a big smile on my face. Thank you Emel. Thank you SkinBase!”


If you’re loving these entries, find them all over on the SkinBase Instagram here. You can also become a SkinBase Therapist to begin transforming your own clients.

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