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Fantastic April Entries Rolling In

Month 4 of the Transformation competition has begun and some fantastic April Entries are rolling in. Every month the Skinbase treatments are consistently achieving phenomenal results for thrilled clients. Keep them coming! We are here to help, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Become a therapist today and enter the competition!

April Entries

Let’s take a look at some of the results in the running to win April Transformation – with £500 in vouchers up for grabs! 


Katherine Monique Beauty

Treatment: 6 treatment course of Collagen Lift

“It was fate. There I was, hurtling towards retirement – my phone failing to recognise my crumpled face in the morning – when I spotted Kat’s ‘Collagen lift’ page on FB. Feeling I had nothing to lose, the call was made & I was booked in. It’s fair to say I was hopeful, but realistic, not expecting miracles. Kat was welcoming, knowledgeable, reassuring. I enjoyed our weekly chats. My skin improved with each treatment & I was more diligent with my skincare routine than ever before in my life. I am truly delighted with the results: fine lines & wrinkles diminished; my neck & décolletage is much smoother & I have finally achieved a healthy glow!  A minor miracle after all! Time will continue to march on (hopefully – I’m not ready to give up just yet!) & I shall continue to fight its effects on my body however I am able – with regular collagen lifts being one weapon in my armoury… Thank you Katherine Monique – I’ll be booking in for a top-up in due course!”


Extended Beauty Essex entered this fantastic Collagen Lift transformation. A six treatment course of CL has tightened skin and lifted the face – leaving the client so pleased with the outcome! She said: “My skin feels so much more plump and glowing. I’m also getting lots of compliments on how lovely my skin looks!”. Danielle’s client is keen to get maintenance treatments to keep her skin glowing! If you want to help clients transform their skin with Collagen Lift, download the brochure to find out more!

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