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Make 2022 Your Best Year

Make 2022 Your Best Year

There is no magic formula for a successful business but successful salon owners know what to prioritise. If 2021 was good for your business, 2022 can be even better. The difference between a mediocre twelve months and the year of your dreams could be as simple as these 4 steps:


Make sure your service is top notch. How do you greet your clients? Is your offering professional? Is your salon welcoming? Covid has become a convenient excuse for sloppy service in many areas of life. We can still provide excellent service while staying safe.
  • Look at ways you can improve on the service you are giving.
  • Make sure your clients always have your full attention
  • They come to you to feel amazing, make sure your customer service provides that as well as your treatment services
  • Keep in touch with your regular clients and offer complimentary services.
Remember, happy customers are repeat customers!


Walk through the front door of your salon with a critical eye. If you struggle to do this, ask someone you trust to do it for you. Is your interior calming and soothing? Spruce up the exterior with paint and plants. If it’s an option, hire a friendly receptionist to greet your clients, good front of house staff are worth their weight in gold to your business. How is your online presence – and how is your own appearance? Do these things reflect the image you want to achieve? Keep everything fresh and up-to-date.


Communication is key to a successful business. It is top of our list here at SkinBase. Keeping clients updated is so important. Don’t leave them out in the cold not knowing what to expect. Don’t assume everyone has got the message either. Let clients know about any changes in procedure.
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Thank them for visiting
  • Let them know how to rebook
  • Remind them to rebook 
  • Send information about treatments and keep them updated with what you do – and what you offer.

Knowledge/ Expertise

There comes a point in your career where it makes sense to play to your strengths. Think about what you are good at and what makes your business unique. Become known for this. It might feel like you are narrowing your target market… in fact you will attract and reach the right kind of customers. Becoming known as an expert in your field will help you achieve this. Then you can build a strong brand and business. To elevate your brand it’s important to pay attention to these key areas. Then you can be sure to attract – and keep – the right kind of customers.   Make 2022 your best year yet!

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