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October entries

October Entries

With just one day left for those October entries, and just one more month to enter the Transformation of the Year 2023 competition, we’re getting ever so close to the final. Who will be crowned the Transformation of the Year this time around? Your votes have been sending entries through to the final all year long, and we’re not done yet. Let’s take a look at those October entries before voting opens on Wednesday.

October Entries

October entries - beauty by Joanne

Collagen Lift Facial

Beauty by Joanne

Client Testimonial: “At 68 years old, I was starting to feel that my wrinkles would only get worse and it was getting quite depressing looking in the mirror. The treatment I had with Jo has definitely improved my wrinkles and tightened my skin. Jo is very professional and friendly and I would not hesitate in recommending both Jo and the Collagen Lift treatment.”


Collagen Lift Arms

Katherine Monique Beauty

Another of SkinBase therapist Katherine’s October entries, and what a fabulous transformation it is! Don’t forget, the Collagen Lift treatment can be used on the body as well as the face, for fantastic, skin firming results.

October entries - the pink room

Collagen Lift Tummy

The Pink Room

Client Testimonial: “I had my 50th birthday this year which is always a time to look at yourself a bit more critically, I had an amazing once in a lifetime holiday coming up, so when Verity said she had trained in delivering Collagen Lifts and that she was looking for someone who would be willing to have the treatment on their tummy area I didn’t hesitate to contact her. I went on holiday and wore my bikini with pride knowing that as a result of this treatment I not only felt but also looked amazing, my tummy area was smoother, flatter with less noticeable stretch marks, which 26 years after having my children I didn’t think was going to be possible.”

October entries

Collagen Lift Facial

Anna Krason Beauty

Client Testimonial: “I asked Anna what treatment was available to help me look better at my age. She suggested Collagen Lift. I had 6 treatments and am delighted with the results. I am considering treatment on other parts of my body.”

If you want to offer results like these for your clients, you can partner with SkinBase and request a Collagen Lift 2 Week Free Trial here.

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