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Radio Frequency Breakdown

Radio Frequency Breakdown – What does RF mean for you?

Radio Frequency Breakdown

We wanted to break it down for you and explain what Radio Frequency can do for you.

So what does Radio Frequency (RF) actually do?

Radio frequency has become a celebrity favourite face and body treatment. The SkinBase™ RF system passes high-energy radio waves into the skin using a ceramic wand to stimulate a deep heating of the tissues. In turn, this causes a shortening of the elastin fibres giving the immediate visible effect of tissue contraction and skin tightening. Growing numbers of the rich and famous, including Amanda Holden & Mel B are turning to this non-surgical treatment to maintain youthful, glowing skin without the telltale frozen stare of Injectables.

How long does it take?

A treatment with the SkinBase™ RF machine will last around 30 minutes and retails at around £95. Most clients will see almost instant results which will keep them coming back for more. We recommend an initial course of 6 treatments over a three week period. Then follow up with monthly maintenance treatments to maintain the great results.

What areas can Radio Frequency treat?

It can be used on most areas of the body to sculpt and improve. Many see Radio Frequency as an alternative to Injectables. All of the below areas are popular areas that have been successfully treated with the SkinBase
Radio Frequency treatment.
Around the eyes
Skin tightening, jowl lifts and wrinkle removal are all achieved effortlessly with the SkinBase Radio Frequency machine. Find out more and see some amazing skin transformations by visiting our Facebook page

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