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Turn Callers into Clients with Mirroring 

When potential clients call you want to turn them into paying clients. It can be hard work to make a personal connection over the telephone. Remember nothing is impossible. Have you tried mirroring?

Mirroring is the process of copying your client’s behaviour and energy to create a shared experience. Over the phone this could be imitating their verbal energy. This will encourage a feeling of trust. Mirroring instinctively happens when you are with someone you like…

Copying their language, movement and facial expressions comes naturally. Body language experts recommend trying this technique to hook new clients.

How can we mirror effectively?

Matching client behaviour sometimes happens without any effort. It is a great way to build a relationship and it doesn’t only have to happen in person. It is not a deceptive practise,  think of it as extending a courtesy by behaving in a way that your client likes. 

  • When you are on the phone with a potential client make sure you are listening closely to what they say. Look out for key words and personal phrases. repeat their favourite words back to them. Reflecting their tone shows you are listening and understanding.
  • Aim to speak at a similar speed for a better connection. Try to match their volume and their emotions. Remember to get the pace right. This will make them feel more comfortable forming a relationship. 
  • If they tell you their skin concerns over the phone you can repeat their concern when explaining the treatment you recommend. Explain the process using similar language. For example, “I understand you need help with XXX” or “MD helps to treat XXX”.  This will help them feel you understand their issue and will be able to help them. Therefore, you can earn their trust.


This repetition makes your potential new client feel at ease and more likely to book. Once you have them booked in, you can continue to mirror in person to make them feel comfortable.  Do it subtly by matching their energy and they will keep coming back for more!

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